Why Chefs Should Consider Professional Growth in Australia

Why Chefs Should Consider Professional Growth in Australia

Looking for new career opportunities? Learn more about why Australia's booming food scene, multiculturalism, and dearth of chefs make it an attractive professional destination for chefs.


Australia’s Vibrant Food Culture


First and foremost, Australia has a thriving food culture.  It is hard to imagine a type of cuisine or style of restaurant that Australia does not have, from the humble fish and chips at the seaside to the most exquisite fine dining restaurants.  This diversity in food options allows chefs to expand their culinary knowledge and experience different flavour profiles. By immersing themselves in Australia's food scene, chefs can learn new techniques and incorporate them into their own cooking style.  


Australia is known for its abundance of fresh and locally sourced produce – you only have to watch a season of Australia’s MasterChef to get an appreciation of the quality and variety of produce that is available.  There is a growing focus on sustainability and supporting local farmers, which permeates every element of its food culture.  This passion for proudly offering the freshest and highest quality ingredients allows chefs to let their creativity run free and be very experimental in their cooking styles and flavour combinations.  


And it's not just the big cities that offer a thriving food scene.  A trip to any tourist destination provides the opportunity to sample the local delicacies or make your way through some of the wine regions.  Australian wine ranks among the world's best, and with approximately 1700 cellar doors to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice.




Australia's population has shown strong growth over the past 3 decades, with an estimated 715,000 people expected to arrive in Australia in 2023 and 2024.  Of its current population of 26 million people, 29% were born overseas, and almost half of the population have a parent born overseas. This cultural diversity is reflected in the food scene, offering chefs endless opportunities for inspiration and creativity.  This multicultural society creates a melting pot of food influences. A quick look at the Good Food Guide will give you an indication of just how engrained multiculturalism is in Australia's food landscape.  Hatted restaurants cover the broad spectrum from traditional Italian, French and Modern Australian all the way to Filipino, Laotian and Nordic style cuisines. 


Travel opportunities


Australia is also known for its stunning natural landscapes. From beautiful beaches to lush rainforests, deserts to coral reefs, there's no shortage of places to explore.  In truth, the biggest problem with travelling in Australia is the vast distances between places.  With over 12,000 beaches, you really have little reason to leave its borders, but if you have the urge to expand your horizons a little further, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands are on Australia’s doorstep.   


Shortage of Chefs


Australia is currently experiencing a shortage of chefs, which means it is easier than ever to get to Australia on a short-term work visa.  You can view our breakdown of the working holiday visa types here.  Short-term work visas are quicker and cheaper to access, and some do have the opportunity to convert them into permanent visas. 


If you are looking at making the move for the longer term, you should investigate the visas for permanent residency.  The advantage of these visas is you will not need sponsorship, and your application is accepted once you meet certain criteria.  This means you are not bound to your sponsor, and you will be eligible for certain government benefits such as Medicare and Childcare Subsidies, if you are considering migrating with younger children, it is something worth considering. You can find out more about different visa options here.


Australia is an amazing place for chefs to grow professionally. Culturally, it is incredibly vibrant and diverse. Culinary trends are constantly pushing the boundaries here, bringing everyone closer to the food they love. With its booming food scene and need for trained professionals, you can find opportunities around every corner, Australia could be the ideal place to take your career.  If you're interested in taking the plunge to explore Australia's thriving culinary culture, submit your updated CV to Locimo here and let us help get you in front of Australia's best restaurants! It might just be the jumpstart you need for an exciting journey ahead!