About us

Co-founded by Charlene Innes and Tarryn Thompson, Locimo’s vision is to enable hospitality businesses to attract talent. We firmly believe that ‘Talent Chooses You’, and we aim to give hospitality businesses the tools to create a better candidate experience to improve the calibre of talent applying to work with them.

Locimo was initially launched just before COVID-19. While this was a challenging period for the hospitality industry, it allowed us to rethink our offering to be more holistic. We are no longer simply looking at the tail end of the hiring journey but at the whole process from the beginning.

From when a candidate starts their job search, our platform makes it easy for the business to be found, providing candidates with the right information to attract talent and encouraging them to either apply, join the mailing list, or become part of the talent pool.

When we saw other industries face similar challenges in attracting talent, it was evident that it was no longer enough for businesses to just advertise a role and receive a stream of perfectly qualified applicants.

To attract great talent, today’s hospitality businesses need to be found. They need to share why a candidate should apply. They need to nurture a relationship with the best-suited candidates within the talent pool so that when the time is right, the business can engage with those pre-qualified candidates around the opportunity.

By offering these solutions to hospitality clients, Locimo allows them to be more proactive than reactive in their hiring practices. Locimo is designed to fit the Australian hospitality industry's unique challenges of high staff turnover and stretched budgets, where time-poor managers can use a simple solution to save them time and money.