Co-founded by Charlene Innes and Tarryn Thompson in 2018, Locimo is a revolutionary online platform that connects job seekers with curated retail and hospitality roles in their local area.

We believe the world has changed and so too should the resumé. We're all about highlighting personality and workplace culture through visual profiles for both job seekers and brands.

For the seeker

Locimo simplifies and personalises the job-seeker process by replacing cover letters with visual profiles and connects job seekers with curated retail and hospitality roles in their local area.

We know that personality can get lost in resumés and cover letters, that's why we're allowing you to express yourself visually through your profile. You can also use the Locimo platform to “follow” your favourite brands and receive alerts about new job opportunities.

Take your resumé to the next level and land your dream job with Locimo.

Create your Visual CV

For the brand

Locimo provides retail and hospitality brands a job recruitment platform with a difference. You can find both the best candidate for vacant positions, while also amplifying your brand to an engaged, hyper-targeted audience.

We believe the job advertisement can provide a more meaningful touchpoint between a brand and a job seeker. We're giving businesses both a brand marketing and recruitment solution that changes the way your brand communicates with job seekers.

The process is easy. Simply create a company page that tells your brand's story and visually highlights your work environment and culture, post job vacancies as they arise, and voila, sit back, relax and receive online applications through our easy-to-use dashboard.

We're here to connect you to the right fit for your business.

Establish your brand