Candidates that suit your business

Locimo provides retail and hospitality brands a job recruitment platform with a difference. Find the best candidate for vacant positions by viewing profiles online and easily connect online with your favourite applicants.

Branded page showcasing your business and listings

Your brand page is another way to connect and maximise exposure for your business. Our brand pages allow you to tell your brand's story and visually highlight your work environment and culture. Updating your page is simple and they remain on the website even if you don’t have any current job listings. Job seekers can follow your brand to receive updates about new job listings.

Post unlimited job listings

Yes, you heard that right! We don’t charge you for additional job listings. We’re all about making life simple for you too, so once you’ve created a job listing, it can also be saved and edited for future roles. A simple and easy timesaver that lets you focus on more important things… like finding the perfect fit for your company.

Simplified and low-cost recruitment

Locimo is a cost-effective platform that’s all about saving you time and money while finding the best candidates for your roles. We've got your back and we’re here to connect you to the right fit for your business.

Easy-to-use templates

Our templates allow you to effortlessly create your brand page. This can be updated as often as you wish, keeping it relevant and in line with your social media and other company advertising.

Meaningful connection

Let your job listings be an extension of your existing advertising and social media activities, allowing you to reach your target market in a unique way.


All dialogue is streamlined through the Locimo platform. Connect directly with job applicants through our easy-to-use dashboard. Simple.

Super simple

Your job listings are all stored for future use. As soon as you need to rehire for the same position, just locate the ad, make any necessary changes, and repost instantly.