Candidates that suit your business

Choose the best candidates to work in your business. View applicant profiles and easily connect with them.

Branded page showcasing your business and listings

Your brand page is another way to connect and maximize exposure for your business. The brand page connects to your Instagram account for easy updating and remains on the website even if you don’t have any current job listings. Jobseekers can follow your brand and we will alert them when you post any new job listings.

Post unlimited job listings

There is no additional fee for job listings, they can be for casual or permanent staff. Once you have created and posted job listings they can be saved for future use, saving you time.

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Our templates

Allow you to effortlessly create your brand page. This can be updated as often as you wish, keeping it relevant to all your other advertising and social media.

All dialogue

Is directly with the job applicants through the website, keeping all communication in one easy-to-find space whilst offering a personalised solution.

Let your job listings

Be an extension of your existing advertising and social media activities, allowing you to reach your target market in a unique way.

Your Job Listings

Are all stored for future use. As soon as you need to rehire for the same position, just locate the ad, make any necessary changes, and repost instantly.