Find passionate employees

Your Company Profile is another way to connect and maximise exposure for your business. Company Profiles allow you to tell your brand’s story and visually highlight your work environment and culture. Job seekers can “follow” your profile to stay up-to-date with new job posts.

Create your very own Talent Pool

Your Company Profile stays on the Locimo website even if you are not advertising for roles. This allows job seekers to “follow” your business and to be the first to know about new job opportunities as they arise. Best of all, you can see who is following your profile and reach out to those who you would love to have on your team. It’s just another way we are making it easier for you.

Focus on the good

Our Company Profiles allow job seekers to get to really know your business. We encourage you to share your business's values, sustainability practices, company culture, and the positive impact you’re having on the world to help you attract the right fit for each role.

Embed your job board on your business website

Want to create a Careers Site on your own website? We can supply you with a link that will embed your Company Profile and job board on your business's website. All your jobs will show on both the Locimo platform and your business's website which means double the exposure in half of the time. Applicants can apply directly through your website and all details are collected on your Locimo dashboard, saving you time and money. Your Careers Site is easy to navigate and update.

Easy-to-use templates

Our templates allow you to effortlessly create your brand page. This can be updated as often as you wish, keeping it relevant and in line with your social media and other company advertising.

Meaningful connection

Let your job listings be an extension of your existing advertising and social media activities, allowing you to reach your target market in a unique way.


All dialogue is streamlined through the Locimo platform. Connect directly with job applicants through our easy-to-use dashboard. Simple.

Super simple

Your job listings are all stored for future use. As soon as you need to rehire for the same position, just locate the ad, make any necessary changes, and repost instantly.