Join our network

The Locimo platform connects Australia’s great restaurants, bars and cafes with jobseekers, both locally and those travelling from overseas.

Let Candidates find you

The Locimo platform is another way to connect and maximise exposure for your business. Your business profile is permanently available to view on the site, increasing your visibility to job seekers.

Create your very own Talent Pool

Your talent pool gives you the opportunity to engage with and nurture relationships with potential candidates. By building a strong pipeline of qualified and interested individuals, you can attract higher-quality candidates.

Your Own Careers Site

By integrating a Careers Page within your own business website, you provide a seamless experience for your potential candidates, and you can manage everything in one place.

Easy-to-use templates

Our templates allow you to effortlessly create your business page. This can be updated as often as you wish, keeping it relevant and aligned with social media and other business advertising.

Shortened time to hire

A talent pool enables you to speed up the hiring process. A faster hiring process translates to cost savings by minimising the impact of prolonged vacancies.


Candidates can set up alerts to be notified when they post a job. They can submit their CV if they want to join your talent pool, giving you efficiency in finding candidates who have already expressed an interest in working with you.


Your job listings are all stored for future use. When you need to rehire for the same position, just locate the ad, make any necessary changes, and repost instantly.