What is an RSA?

What is an RSA?

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If you have started looking for work in the hospitality field, you would have noticed the requirement of having an RSA, but what exactly is an RSA?  Before being able to work in places where alcohol is served in Australia, you are required to complete the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training. The RSA qualification will be essential if you are planning to work in hospitality, whether in restaurants, bars, clubs or other hospitality settings.


During the training, you will learn to serve alcohol responsibly. Topics include:

  • How to know when a customer has had too much to drink
  • When to refuse service to an inebriated customer
  • Techniques for mixing drinks and serving them in a responsible manner
  • Methods of helping customers consume alcohol in moderation
  • Ways to assist customers who become intoxicated


The courses can be completed online or in the classroom, and take approximately 4-6 hours.  Once completed, you will receive a digital certificate.  There are a number of providers – so depending on whether you would prefer a face-to-face option or an online option.  Costs vary depending on the provider and the package you select but can range from anywhere from $20-$65.  Have a look at these providers to get a better idea:  



The RSA is mandatory in all states.  The laws surrounding the sale and service of alcohol vary from state to state.  This means the certificate from New South Wales (NSW) would not be recognised in Victoria (VIC), so be sure to select the correct state when completing the course.  It is possible to apply for a bridging course once you have completed the initial course.  So, for example, if you completed an RSA in NSW, you can complete the online bridging course in Victoria.  To check your eligibility for the bridging course click here for Victoria or here for NSW.


We would recommend getting your RSA before you start looking for work.  Some states do offer a grace period where you can begin your employment before you have the RSA, but most employers prefer you to have it before you start working, so it will work in your favour to have it during the job search.  The certificate is valid for 3 years and can be renewed for free after completing an online refresher course.


Don’t forget to update your CV confirming that you do have an RSA, and then double-check that the most current CV is on the Locimo platform.  You can check this by logging into your Locimo Profile.


  • Go to “Account Details” from the drop-down menu under your name,
  • Scrolling down to the “Upload CV” section 
  • You can either “Click to upload” or drag and drop the new CV onto the platform. 
  • Or you can click on the “Download the current CV” link in green, which will open the CV on file.


Best of luck with your job search!