We do things a little differently.

We care about the world we live in and as such we try and tread lightly, keeping things simple and made local.

Our collections are manufactured 100% in Australia using organic and eco-friendly materials and dyes in limited numbers.

We believe that business is a work in progress and we continue to re-invest to make it better for our customers and the planet.

This commitment to transparency and an ethical supply chain means we have again gained accreditation from Ethical Clothing Australia and in addition,

pride ourselves in working with local knitting mills and dye houses.

VT embraces the shift towards slower living and aims to provide our customers with long lasting, practical yet beautifully designed garments.

We seek to bring together a community who share the same values and are interested in sustainability as well as good design and style.


Making Locally.

We are fortunate to work from yarn - garment with our organic basics collection, meaning our organic cotton jersey is knitted and dyed locally here in Melbourne.

This enables us to keep a transparent supply chain and also work directly with makers in developing the best fabrics for our customers needs.

Organic & Hemp Basics

80% of all Vege Threads fabrics are made locally, here in Melbourne.

The GOTS certified & organic cotton yarn is knitted at local mills and our signature colours are dyed using ACO ( Australian Certified Organic) dyes.

The remainder of our fabrics are 100 % hemp or organic blends that we purchase from a local supplier.

We additionally do some small batch dying at a separate local mill for limited collections, using non toxic dyes. ( pictured above is one of our local knitting mills in Victoria ).

Merino Wool

Our Merino is currently knitted and dyed locally and at our Responsible Wool Standard accredited facility.

We know and feel that ethical standards are very important when it comes to wool and are therefore working on a traceable supply chain.

So far this project has taken 2 years but we are currently at a road block, as all locally farmed raw fibres are sent offshore for processing. Watch this space.

Eco Swimwear

Our swimwear material is made in Italy from recycled nylon ECONYL® and LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™.

The LYCRA® itself provides exceptional shape retention, chlorine-resistance and UV protection,

while the ECONYL® fibres are made from recycled post-consumer waste, such as fishing nets.

Background info on our textiles.

Organic Cotton ( GOTS )

Knitted in Melbourne

Dyed in Melbourne

Our Organic textiles are grown in controlled settings with no pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals.

Only natural fertilisers are used and the soil and water are monitored. Unlike conventional cotton, which is seriously damaging to the environment,

our certified organic cotton is farmed naturally, without the use of chemicals.

Eliminating the availability of these harmful chemicals in cotton is the first step in a more sustainable and chemical free future.

Organic cotton feels softer, smells cleaner, and is less likely to trigger allergies.


Knitted in China

Dyed in Melbourne

Hemp can grow in almost any environment with little to no need for fertilisers, making it the most eco-friendly crop to grow.

Hemp clothing is long lasting, durable, absorbent and will soften over time. Hemp is also the highest UV resistant fabric.

100% Merino Wool

Knitted in Melbourne

Dyed in Melbourne

Merino is a natural, thermo regulating fibre, meaning its breathability ( also known as wicking properties ) keep you cooler in the warmer months and warm in the winter.

ACO Dyes

Australian Certified Organic

All our organic cotton jerseys are dyed locally using ACO dyes - a non toxic certified dye.

Our local dyeing facility also has an exceptionally high standard of

processing waste water, recycling and disposing of dye waste to fertilise nearby crops.