Sloppy Tee's

Sloppy Tee's is more than a takeaway burger joint with eat-in breakfast and lunch specials on the board. It's a concept created around the idea of slow food served fast.

About Sloppy Tee's

Here at Sloppy Tee's we believe in only the most flavoursome of food. We marinate our meats for days before we tear them up and serve them to you on our slow roasted rolls, our fries are hand cut daily from the finest australian potatoes and our coffee is organic and fair-trade sourced by Toby's Estate.

Perched only centimetres away from the Collaroy sand, we specialise in pumping your food out fast - perfect to grab and go to the beach or the park next-door.

Come for our signature Sloppy burger, stay for a pastry from our open bake house. Every thing you see is made on premises and with your taste-buds in mind - that's the Sloppy's guarantee.