Rough & Bare


About Rough & Bare

Fuelling Life. It’s what we stand for, it’s the heartbeat that drives us at Rough & Bare. It encompasses everything we do, well beyond the food on the plate. We like to keep it simple and our four principles define why we do what we do.


Educating YOU is the main reason Rough & Bare was born. We share what we’ve learnt about health and wellness through our food. This is how we pay it forward in the hopes you continue to do the same.


When you’re serving the meals we do, there’s no reason not to share our amazing producers. We use quality ingredients and source locally where possible. Being transparent is what makes us different. We have nothing to hide and neither does our food.


Rough & Bare is the type of family you want to have around. You know, the ones who guide you, have your back and help you dream big. Our staff, our loved ones and YOU; our Fuelling Life community. It’s all about support, love and communication. We’re not just a cafe. We are part of your family.


What’s life without a bit of FUN. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and neither should you. We’re a little quirky, kinda funny and love having a good laugh. Make what you do count and make it fun.