Room Two Ten

Room Two Ten restaurant and bar is located in the heart of Freshwater Village. Serving breakfast & lunch 7 days a week, menu items are dishes we know and love, revisiting the familiar but with a smattering of personality.

About Room Two Ten

Open since 2014, Room Two Ten is a lively cafe & bar in the heart of Freshwater Village.

Named after a hostel room (#210) during his travels, owner Steve pays homage to his best mates & the memories they made by creating a venue focusing on hospitality & warmth in low-key digs.

The ethos of a hostel room 15 years ago carries on now in Freshwater. Room Two Ten is at its heart a place for friends, family, locals & visitors to share a laugh, a drink, a meal, a story. Here, everyone is welcome.

We have two dog-friendly patios and can accommodate large parties including business meetings, birthday sessions and mums groups with multiple prams.