About Navi

Nestled in Melbourne's vibrant inner West, Navi offers a truly personal and immersive dining encounter. This exclusive establishment prides itself on a degustation menu that is in tune with the seasons, featuring hyper-local produce.

At the helm is Chef Julian, whose passion and dream have culminated in Navi. It's his realm of innovation, a place where he lovingly composes a harmony of flavours from select ingredients delivered by dedicated producers and local farms. Julian seeks a connection with his guests, serving not just meals but stories, detailing the inspiration that plates every dish.

The essence of Navi unfolds in the meticulous path from wild foraged produce to the bespoke ceramics cradling each creation. A testament to Julian's vision and culinary flair, Navi is a space where each component reflects a narrative of craftsmanship and artistry.

This distinguished restaurant with two chef's hats is named 'Local' in the Cherokee language, offering a specially selected tasting menu that changes with the seasons. This name is a tribute to the American roots of the chef and owner, Julian Hills.