‘Local’ in Cherokee, Navi is a nod to Chef and Owner Julian Hills’ American heritage.

Navi is Julian’s dream. His own space to create a balanced tasting menu using ingredients sourced from small producers and local farms. Julian hopes to interact with guests as he presents his work and explains the story behind each dish

From foraging for ingredients to the hand-made ceramics and the final product, each element is imagined and brought to life through the creative process and expertise of the Chef.


Julian grew up in country Victoria, always exploring and questioning his surrounds. His inquisitive nature has led to a successful career in fine dining with his ultimate aim, to create food that resonates with diners. Julian has adapted his Bachelor in Fine Arts (Ceramics) to the kitchen and is constantly experimenting with techniques and flavours. Exploring his surrounds, Julian has also learnt from Indigenous foragers to source native seasonal produce and is incorporating these flavours to his menu. Sustainable and ethical farming is important to Julian and he has spent time nurturing relationships with like-minded farmers and producers to bring the best food to the table at Navi.