From the moment you enter Maha you have begun your unrestricted Middle Eastern journey. The beauty and opulence of the Middle East overwhelms the senses in a youthful and refined environment. Sweet and sensual aromas, elegant textures and smooth beats set the tone for the experience ahead.

Located in a sub-basement venue on Bond Street, Maha is the signature venue for sought-after chef and restaurateur, Shane Delia.

Shane and the Maha team create playful and full flavoured Middle Eastern food like nothing you’ve tasted before. Using a fresh, innovative and unrestricted approach with Mediterranean influences, Maha skilfully redefines this ancient cuisine through modern dining.

At Maha, we aim to show the world what can be done with Middle Eastern flavours in a contemporary setting. This new and fresh approach to Middle Eastern cuisine has seen Maha earn One Hat in The Age Good Food Guide, annually since 2009.