About LODE Pies

We have a new creative approach to the aesthetic of viennoiserie and the art of layering butter and dough. In this we aim to deliver “layers of goodness” enriched with all kinds of fillings, all our preparations are made in house such as creams, ganache, jams and preserves. We aim to stay true to the original product while adding a worthwhile twist with the highest quality we can possibly provide.

We believe that best product can only be made with the best ingredients: we are on the continuous journey of collaborating with suppliers, producers, and farmers to have the best available in its season.

We will be showcasing how delicious the Aussie classics are by serving the beloved pie and sausage roll made with the finest produce Australia has to offer while also highlighting the refinement of classic French viennoiserie with the iconic classic French croissant and pain au chocolat.