KOOKAÏ is an Australian owned women’s fashion label, defined by an essence of femininity, confidence, allure and independent style. The KOOKAÏ collection is designed exclusively out of our Melbourne and Paris studios through a creative, symbiotic process – whereby we are forever inspired by the KOOKAÏ woman and, in turn, create pieces through which to continually inspire her.

KOOKAÏ was originally founded in Paris in 1983 with a simple vision to offer fashionable, high quality pieces at accessible prices. In 1992, the founders of KOOKAÏ Australia, Robert Cromb and Danielle Vagner, introduced the Parisian label into the lives and wardrobes of the Australian woman, with the opening of their first boutique on Melbourne’s Chapel Street.

Today, despite over three decades of evolution, KOOKAÏ remains true to its origins in providing a collection infused with Parisian chic, and continuing to provide an opportunity for women to embrace their individuality and the power of expression through their wardrobe.

The majority of the KOOKAÏ collection is produced out of our own manufacturing facilities in Fiji and Sri Lanka, as part of KOOKAÏ’s overall pursuit of an ethical and meaningful existence.

Throughout our boutiques across Australia, New Zealand and Europe, KOOKAÏ offers a unique shopping experience through which the KOOKAÏ woman can transcend fashion’s boundaries – defying the trends and creating her own.

Why work with us

Whether you join the team as a Sales Assistant, Store Manager or part of the Head Office team, we hold a strong emphasis on teamwork and our people. Our culture is unbeatable with high levels of staff engagement and retention.

We support our team to develop in their area of interest and strongly drive internal promotions throughout the company. Over 50% of our Melbourne Head Office team have been succession planned from our boutiques. The KOOKAÏ HQ in Melbourne is one of the four global hubs of our family-owned business, where our passionate and close-knit team work together to support our retail boutiques and bring the KOOKAÏ vision to life.

Our company has provided incredible job opportunities via internal promotions, interstate relocation, international progression, and external superstars. The sky is the limit at KOOKAI with frequent role openings and prospects for new and exciting opportunities to be introduced, as we progress into the future world of fashion.

KOOKAI provides equal employment opportunities to all qualified persons without discrimination. Kookai will make all reasonable job accommodations for persons with disabilities who can perform the essential functions of the position for which they are qualified and selected, to work safely and productively.


KOOKAÏ is a family-owned and run business, based out of Melbourne, Australia. Since our beginnings in 1992, we have continued a pursuit of an ethical and meaningful existence in the fashion world. This mantra governs the way we conduct our business across all facets of KOOKAÏ.

In 2018, we established our Ethics & Sustainability committee with representatives from our Executives, Supply Chain Management, Legal, Retail, Branding, Store Design and IT departments. The focus of the committee is to ensure we're keeping ethics and sustainability initiatives at the core of everything we do - from head office right through the supply chain and our retail boutiques.


While trends change, we don’t believe fashion should be disposable. Each of our garments are carefully constructed and designed to last and be well-loved essentials in our customers’ wardrobes. Our garments are built with a quality aesthetic that stands the test of time.

We are on the journey of understanding and improving our environmental impact. We are consciously working towards incorporating sustainable materials and responsible production measures into our designs, and are committed to actively working together with our suppliers to identify and implement more environmentally sustainable solutions. KOOKAÏ is working towards achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.


KOOKAÏ cares about how our garments are manufactured, by who, and the employees’ working environment. Working conditions and worker welfare is of paramount importance and is why we have chosen to own and operate our own manufacturing facilities in Fiji and Sri Lanka.

Dissatisfied by the working conditions of some of the factories we had visited internationally, we made this decision to improve transparency in our supply chain and to ensure we have full control and visibility of the conditions of employment for our manufacturing employees, and the quality of products produced.

KOOKAÏ is proud to have a vertically integrated manufacturing model, from design, to manufacture, to retail. Each of our garments starts its life in our Australian head office, where it's designed by our in-house design team, brought to life by our pattern makers and machinists, sampled and fitted. From here, our manufacturing teams in Fiji and Sri Lanka produce the majority of our collection, ready for delivery to our boutiques across Australia and New Zealand. Our Australian team is in constant communication with our manufacturing facilities, with representatives from our head office and our manufacturing facilities meeting regularly and visiting often to collaborate and provide training.

The payment of a living wage to workers involved in the KOOKAÏ supply chain is enshrined in KOOKAÏ’s Code of Labour Conduct, which any suppliers to KOOKAÏ must adhere to. KOOKAÏ is committed to ensuring workers within its supply chain are paid a living wage, and is actively working with suppliers to achieve this goal.

KOOKAÏ's supply chain is assessed by the Baptist World Australia Ethical Fashion Report's research team each year, and are currently graded an A-, ranking us amongst the top-rated Australian fashion brands for the ethics and sustainability of our supply chain.