Our history

Kmart opened Australia’s first discount department store in Burwood, Victoria in 1969. It was the beginning of a proud Aussie icon that has revolutionised the way Australians and New Zealanders shop. Today, Kmart has more than 200 stores across Australia and New Zealand and is recognised as one of the most profitable discount department stores in Australia.

Our team

We employ approximately 30,000 team members who mainly work in our retail stores. Our national office is based in Mulgrave, Victoria and is home to around 800 team members.

Our vision

Kmart’s vision is to provide families with everyday products at the lowest prices. We strive for this vision through high-volume sales, efficient operations, adaptable stores and a great culture.


Better Together - Our sustainable development program

We’ve been listening to those most important to us – our customers, our people and our partners – to develop a sustainable development program that reflects the needs of our community.

As a large retailer we take our responsibility very seriously to care for and respect our planet and all the lives that we touch. We have an opportunity to use our relationships and scale to make a difference.

We know that we can’t address the big sustainable development challenges working alone. That’s why our Better Together sustainable development program is built on partnerships. We believe that by working together and utilising each other's strengths, we can achieve better outcomes for today and a brighter future for tomorrow. Whether it’s our team, our customers, suppliers, non-government organisations, factory workers, trade unions, or the broader community, we work hand-in-hand with our partners, treating them with dignity and respect. When it comes to people and our planet, we work better together.

Together we strive to minimise our environmental footprint and protect our planet for future generations. We are committed to reducing waste, using natural resources responsibly and supporting the transition to a circular economy.

Our commitments:

Use natural resources responsibly

Reduce waste

Support the transition to a circular economy

Together we work to foster an inclusive and safe culture and ensure that our teams reflect the diversity of the communities in which we operate. We are committed to helping our communities thrive and to ensure that all people touched by our business are treated fairly and with respect.

Our commitments:

Foster an inclusion culture

Help our communities thrive

Respect human rights