We were born in New Zealand – a breathtaking country where isolation breeds innovation and the hunger to explore.

For 30 years, we have designed our gear to take on the rugged landscapes of our homeland and to outfit the adventurous spirit of our people.

With Kiwi ingenuity, and an open mind, we continuously adapt our gear to endure different weather conditions, diverse terrains, and the ever changing needs of travellers.

We act with people and the planet in mind – from the creative minds of our designers, to the careful hands of our suppliers, to the backs of our customers all around the world.

We believe that adventure begins when you pack your bag.

We are Kathmandu.

About Us

Our stores are made up of Managers, Assistant Managers, 3IC’s, Key Holders and Sales Advisors. At Kathmandu we believe in recognising the strengths in our team and developing them to take on more senior roles within the business, hence building on their retail career. Several newly created positions over the past few years have ensured we are adapting to an ever changing retail environment and giving our team the best chance at personal development.

Our New Zealand Support Office is based in Christchurch CBD and is where all our products are dreamt up and designed by our equipment/apparel designers & merchandisers. This also houses the support departments such as Supply chain, Finance, Operations Support, Information Services, Marketing, Store Development, Human Resources and Customer Services.

Our Australian Support Office is based South Melbourne and is home to a range of support departments including Operations, Business Development, Sustainability, Marketing, Online, Human Resources, Store Development, Visual Merchandising, IT and a small Product team.

Live the Dream

For us the dream is individually defined. It may be that moment of escape on Friday at 5pm as you leave the office for a weekend of adventure. Packing up the family and car for a holiday along the coast. Seeing those hard-earned savings turn into an around the world ticket to destinations unexplored and fitting your essential world into a backpack. Finding a weekend when everyone is free to play, sleeping under the stars, reaching the summit, or simply making time for friends. Whatever the dream, it’s about getting out there and having fun – however you define it.