We own taste and we want to inspire people through our passion for flavour. We confidently proclaim this because our food and credentials have been meticulously honed, refined and crafted through our fearless pursuit of awesomeness, not over months or even years, but through decades of hard work. We started Melbourne’s burger craze back in 2011 and we intend to keep pushing the burger boundaries by always following our gut and continuing to bring heart and personality to the table.

But we are much more than burgers; we champion a way of life, one that involves working hard during the week and being regrettably horizontal on Sundays. We embrace diversity. No matter what gender, race, sexuality, faith, age etc. that you align with – the #huxtalife is all inclusive. We’re not interested in fitting in. We fearlessly and passionately own it, by never compromising on quality or our beliefs. We proudly stand united with our Huxtamers and will never shy away from fighting the good fight.

We hang our hat on our longstanding ‘no bullshit’ approach to our business and food. Our burgers capture the honesty, expertise and awesomeness in everything we chase. Smashed together with irresistible sides and sauces, we’re the curators of true food happiness.