The journey began in 2005 when Ryan Girdler and his partner Katja took over a small cafe on Dee Why Beach. After retiring from professional football it is here Ryan developed a new passion for specialty coffee and roasting. Sebastian, their Colombian partner in crime joined the two a few years later, bringing a wealth of knowledge and business expertise to the team.

Girdlers is a health conscious, community orientated food destination on Sydney’s Northern Beaches where people from all walks of life mingle and enjoy their shared passion for wholesome, natural, tasty foods.

From beautifully designed interiors to guilt free, wholesome creations and a strong dedication to fresh, powerful flavours - the team has established more than just a café, but a lifestyle.

With an ever growing market for alternative and healthier food options, Girdlers has cemented its position in the community for food and wellbeing enthusiasts alike. Whether it is for old or young, families or people with food sensitivities, vegans, vegetarians or otherwise, Girdlers is a place for all to enjoy the best things in life.