Doughboy Doughnuts

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Handmade Doughnuts in Melbourne - Bringing the humble doughnut to life.

About Doughboy Doughnuts

Est in 2013, McKenzie started Doughboys with a couple of friends out of his mum’s laundry, with no prior experience. Since then, he’s improved his doughnuts dramatically, and moved from selling wholesale to a dozen or more cafes and opened a permanent store.

Doughboys Doughnuts is a Melbourne local serving locals.

Most Doughboys doughnuts are the fluffy yeasted variety – either glazed, dusted, iced or filled. McKenzie has about 30 recipes he can call on, with 10 for sale at any one time. New varieties are being released all the time.

The idea is to grab your doughnuts and coffee (by Small Batch) and go, rather than hanging around.

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