Beach Burrito Bondi is where it all began with a brand ethos built on quality, culture, and community.

Born out of the lack of Mexican food in Sydney and a keen thirst for frozen margaritas, founder Blake Read opened the doors in late 2006.

Beach Burrito has since opened thirteen company owned and run restaurants across Australia.

Mixing Australian beach side culture with healthy Californian style Mexican cuisine, Beach Burrito has successfully established itself as a well known, respected destination for Mexican food lovers, tourists and locals alike.

Seasonal dishes keep the menu fresh alongside a thoughtfully crafted beverage offering with everything from piƱa coladas to buckets of beers and the sweetest sangria in all the land.

With a food philosophy firmly grounded in sustainability and supporting Australian companies, Beach Burrito aims to provide exceptional Mexican cuisine at an affordable price.

Each restaurant is designed independently of the last with its own personality customised to the local environment. The look & feel captures the essence and nostalgia of the grass roots art, music, surf, skate & snow communities.

Beach Burrito is constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional restaurant paradigms to remain at the head of the pack providing our customers with a truly unique experience. Anyone who has witnessed a Pool Party at Beach Burrito Fitzroy will know what were are talking about.