From landmark institutions to humble locals, Australian Venue Co is behind many of the country’s best-loved pubs, bars and venues.

We’re a big group, but at the bar we feel like a small one. Operating more than 170 venues from coast to coast, Australian Venue Co takes a local-first approach to our venues while providing specialist support at scale from our centralised head office. We help our local leaders create the pub that the locals want, by tailoring the menus, customer service, events & design to the local market.

We don’t copy & paste across our pubs, but all of our venues and head office share the same core values. Our teams create exceptional customer experiences while delivering unbeatable value and maintaining high-quality standards.

We’re changing the hospitality landscape by building the best pubs and bars in Australia & New Zealand. We don’t just build one or two great venues – we deliver excellence at scale. Across the country, we’re breathing new life into historic pubs, revitalizing tired bars and dialing up decent pubs to the next level. AVC is an industry leader in innovation & technology, which supercharges our pubs and helps us make better business decisions. We’re bringing the beloved Aussie pub into the future.

We employ more than 5000 employees across the country and help turn jobs into rewarding hospitality careers. Our venues are active members of their communities, with 100+ active local sports club & charity sponsorships across the country and annual national fundraising campaigns that have responded with impact during times of need.

Why work with us

We know that our team is what makes AVC the best in the business. Every exceptional customer experience can be credited to our team, from the executive chefs and venue managers writing our menus, to the kitchen team plating unforgettable meals, bartenders building the perfect cocktail or giving tailored advice on your new favourite beer, to the team on the floor who are the face of our business.

Our employees are an integral part of what makes our venues a great place to drink and dine. The work they do will directly impact everyone of our customers and our aim is to ensure our employees are provided with the support and knowledge to exceed our customers’ expectations.

With over 150 unique venues across Australia & New Zealand, there’s a venue style, perfect for you.