Although it’s debatable as to whether Armchair Collective is a cafe in a lifestyle store or vice versa, there are cafe tables and chairs dotted around the venue, which also sells items including armchairs, teapots and fresh flowers. A block away from Mona Vale Beach, this venue, which is popular with the locals, has an incredibly relaxed atmosphere with share tables as well as more intimate ones nestled among the furniture. There is also an incredibly in-demand outdoor area that gets plenty of sunshine and is well worth the wait.

Think BRAT (Bacon, rocket, avocado and tomato) for breakfast, served wrapped in paper on a rustic wooden board, or pan fried market fish with mixed grains and salsa verde for lunch. You could wash either down with a smoothie served in an old-fashioned milk bottle. Also available are a selection of various muffins and baked goods, which sit by the old-fashioned till.