ANZ has a proud heritage of more than 180 years.

We operate in 32 markets globally with representation in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Pacific, Europe, America and the Middle East.

ANZ is among the top 4 banks in Australia, the largest banking group in New Zealand and Pacific, and among the top 50 banks in the world.

ANZ world headquarters is located in Melbourne. It first opened as the Bank of Australasia in Sydney in 1835 and in Melbourne from 1838 and our history involves many different banks.

George Kinnear, a young Scottish entrepreneur, embarked on a six month voyage from London to Australia to establish the first branch of the Bank of Australasia in 1835. He could never have imagined it was destined to become one of the world's most enduring and successful banks.

Since he landed in Australia 180 years ago, ANZ has transformed itself many times over, moved hemispheres, merged with 15 other banks, bought and sold assets and built its business with its customers.

In that time, ANZ's people have worked hard to create an enduring, growing and innovative bank, one which has stood the test of time.

In its early years Australia was riding the sheep's back as wool became its main export industry. A rapid increase in the number of banks meant credit was easy to come by. However farming on this scale was new, many banks didn't understand the economic cycle and there was little regulation. When commodity and land prices started to collapse, banks began to fail.

Despite this, our predecessor bank, The Bank of Australasia, not only remained open but managed to prosper. Indeed, ANZ survived some of the darkest and most difficult times with its doors remaining open through depressions, through wars, through floods and through fire.

Fast-forward a century to 1951 and The Bank of Australasia joined with Union Bank of Australia to form ANZ Bank. ANZ in turn merged in 1970 with English, Scottish and Australian Bank to become Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited – the largest merger in Australian banking history at the time.

Why work with us

We're just as focused on seeing our people thrive as well as our customers. We'll give you every opportunity to develop your career. Our people are striving to create a balanced, sustainable society where everyone can build a better life.


We are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and believe that business has an important role to play in their achievement. Our ESG targets support 11 of the 17 SDGs.

In 2019 we became a founding signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Banking. Under the Principles we are required to set at least two targets that address our most significant (potential) positive and negative impacts, aligned with the SDGs and the Paris Climate Agreement.