Why brands are turning to Locimo for all of their hiring needs

Why brands are turning to Locimo for all of their hiring needs

Times are changing and businesses are looking for a more meaningful way to connect with job seekers. Locimo provides an easy solution by packaging both a brand marketing and job marketplace in one place.

When looking for a new role, job seekers want to know more about a brand than just the requirements of a position. They want to know about your history and company culture. Brands are turning to Locimo to help tell their story, market their brand to a hyper-targeted demographic, and find the right fit for their company.

Online Profile & Brand Pages


With Locimo, retail and hospitality companies create a brand page; a space that stays online whether you have jobs available or not. It’s a place to tell your story through words and images and give job seekers a better understanding of your business.


Job seekers also create profiles, only viewable to brands once they’ve applied for a job. These visual CVs outline the education, past experience, and skills of candidates and also give a little glimpse into their personality through a visual element that encourages individuality.


Job seekers can view and follow your brand page at any time, meaning they’ll be the first to know about any brand updates and job opportunities. 


We’re making the hiring process simple

The hiring process can be stressful, time-consuming, and costly. We’re here to minimise your pain and connect you to the best candidates for your brand. 


All of your brand information and job advertisements are stored in your Locimo dashboard. It’s an easy-to-navigate back end that houses job applications and past and current job advertisements. The dashboard also allows you to easily update brand information and connect with job seekers.


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, our subscription-based model gives your company unlimited job listings too. Chat to our team to find more here.

Free integrated Careers Portal


Not only does Locimo give you a space to market your brand and find recruits through the Locimo website. You can also link your brand page to your company website to create your very own careers portal.

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