Upskill your way to your dream digital job

Upskill your way to your dream digital job

Looking to land your dream digital job but finding yourself short on experience or the skills required? The realm of digital jobs is endless and there has truly never been a better time to upskill yourself to make your resumé stand out from the crowd.


Upskilling is a cumulative process of teaching yourself new skills that will complement and enhance your work. It’s about anticipating the right skills for the future and paving the next step for your career. 


The process of upskilling can come in the form of training; from short courses to diplomas, networking; from attending virtual conferences to events, and work experience; from mentoring to shadowing. 


No matter your age or what stage you’re at in your professional career, developing your capabilities and future-proofing your trajectories has never been more important. With the fast-evolving market today, the demand for up-to-date digital skillsets continues to grow as do job opportunities for those who fit the criteria. 


It’s time to disrupt your career and upskill yourself. 


If you work in the digital realm, whether that be in marketing, design, AI, analytics, coding, tech, security or everything else in between, enhancing your professional development will make you invaluable to your current or future employer and have you prioritised as a top candidate when applying for a new role. 


Here are some simple steps that will help you identify what skills or areas of development you need to land the job of your dreams. 


  1. Identify your current skills – list the skills you possess up until this point in time. You can do this by reviewing your job description and looking back at your past experience.

  2. Make note of the skills you think you will need to reach your goal – look at the job description of the role you want to apply for or the person currently working in that position. Identify what skills you’re missing or what skills you can offer that aren’t listed.

  3. Chat with others – speak with your mentor, boss, colleagues, friends and family. They may be able to provide some insights into the skills they think you need to develop.

  4. Set SMART goals for yourself – prioritise goals that are smart, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely so you can achieve your upskilling plans. 


Now that you have identified the skills you need to develop, it’s time to consider different courses or training to land your dream digital role. 


Job shadowing: While this may seem a little difficult in the digital-sphere, it’s actually one of the most effective ways to upskill if your employer allows it. Sit down with a team member who possesses the skills you’re looking to develop and shadow the tasks they do. Take notes, ask questions and even do some of the work under their supervision.


E.G. If you work in digital marketing and need to upskill in paid media, perhaps ask if you can set up a Facebook ad and audience. Practical experience is pivotal. 


Workshops & events: If you’re not wanting to spend money, General Assembly hosts free events that can help you learn new skills alongside industry experts. These experts and thought-leaders provide tips and insights into leveraging technology to fuel success. The workshops vary from Google Analytics bootcamps, email marketing essentials and even introductions into UX design. You can also advance your career with General Assembly through full-time immersive programs, part-time courses, classes and on-campus learning. Search events, courses and workshops here.


LinkedIn Learning – An online educational platform that helps you discover and develop business, technology-related, and creative skills through expert-led course videos. LinkedIn Learning will suggest courses and videos specific to your experience. Find the right course and video for you here. 


Online courses:  Designed to help you upskill fast and stay relevant in your industry, online courses are fast becoming the new norm in the digital realm. 


Upskilled – An interactive e-learning platform offering over 80 qualifications that help you accelerate your career from the comfort of your own home. Consider signing up to one of their online courses here. 


Skillfinder – You can access over 2000 online courses provided by the world’s leading tech companies all for free. Upskilled provides accessible and practical short courses in 13 categories including AI, coding, computer basics, design, marketing, security and more.  Some courses go for as little as one hour so you can work and upskill without sacrificing your lifestyle. Explore courses here. 


RMIT Online Courses – RMIT Online Future Skills short courses are designed to set you up for your next career milestone.  Most of the short courses vary from 6-12 weeks within the AI, Data Science & Analytics, IT & Security, Marketing, Business & Finance fields. Browse their short course portfolio here.


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