Top tips to create an engaging company profile

Top tips to create an engaging company profile

With Locimo, your company profile is another way to maximise exposure for your business, while connecting with jobseekers. Company profiles allow you to tell your brand's story, visually highlight your work environment and culture, and talk about the good your company does in the world.

Updating your page is simple and it will remain on the website even if you don’t have any current job listings. Jobseekers can follow your brand to receive updates about new job listings.

Today we’re exploring the top tips to create an engaging and eye-catching company profile.

1. Get Visual

Locimo is just as much a visual platform as it is descriptive. A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to showing off your brand, your culture, and what you’re all about, captivating imagery speaks volumes.

Locimo allows both brands and job seekers to engage through visuals. 

We recommend choosing images that best represent your brand. It could be images of your storefront, the food or products you serve, the atmosphere, your staff etc. Utilise website and social media imagery to make the process quick & easy.

2. Be Descriptive

Company profiles are your opportunity to tell your story. Include information about your brand, your history, what you specialise in, and what makes your brand unique. Make sure you add in all the relevant website and social links and contact details, too.

Often, the people applying for a role within your company are also consumers, so this space acts as both a recruitment and a brand marketing opportunity.

Job seekers want to know more about a brand than just a role description. You can import your ‘About’ section from your website into your brand page to make sure those who are applying for roles within your company truly understand what you do before they apply.

3. Update

You don't need to update your profile every month, but as things change, it's good to make sure your company profile is still aligned with your company. Keep things fresh by updating imagery to suit new seasons, or campaigns. 

Our company profiles are easy to update and you can control everything through your Locimo dashboard.

4. Post Jobs

Your company profile will be on the Locimo website whether you’ve got job vacancies or not, but when it comes to hiring, make sure you list all job positions on Locimo. All your job ads will be saved in your dashboard so you can streamline the process in the future.

Job seekers will be able to apply for jobs through your  company profile and you will receive their visual CVs in your dashboard.

Want to double the exposure of your ads? Chat to our team about installing your very own careers portal on your website. This will mean going forward, your website will be running the latest jobs that you have posted to Locimo - double the exposure in half of the time!

A personalised careers portal will also help you achieve brand consistency, with a strong brand identity and messaging presented to candidates. And best of all, all of your applications will be housed in one place.

5. Share your company profile

Share your  company profile with your social followers and in company eDMs. Let consumers and job seekers know you’re on the Locimo platform and encourage them to ‘follow’ your brand page to be the first to know about new updates.

Want to find out more? Our team is on hand to help you every step of the way. Get in touch today for more information.