The importance of upskilling

The importance of upskilling

Regardless of your employment status, the best currency to carry on you is your skillset. While money and networking can help take you places, your abilities and talents are the most valuable commodities you can have, which is why upskilling can be such an important part of your career growth.


So, what exactly is upskilling?


Upskilling is a cumulative process of teaching yourself, or your employees, new skills that will complement and enhance your work. The process can come in the form of training; from short courses to diplomas, networking; from attending virtual conferences to events, and work experience; from mentoring to shadowing. 


Upskilling is one of the best ways to not only gain more skills and stay relevant in your current employment, but also help develop your confidence and pave the next step for your career, whatever that may be. 


Upskilling opportunities can be found in a number of formats. We’ve listed some of our favourite brands and companies that offer a range of courses, diplomas or programs to help you in the next phase of your career. 


William Angliss Institute - A specialist training provider for the food, tourism, hospitality, events and hotel management industries, delivering a range of courses within Australia and internationally.


William Angliss’ short courses can provide industry professionals with an opportunity to upskill or learn something new. Courses range from food safety, RSA training, ABC of espresso making, milk texturing and latte art, and food and beverage training. There are both virtual and face-to-face options available.


Find out more here.


LinkedIn Learning - An online educational platform that helps you discover and develop business, technology-related, and creative skills through expert-led course videos.


LinkedIn Learning will suggest courses and videos specific to your experience, however, there are also frequent new releases and top picks around strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, building resilience and body language for leaders - skills applicable across all industries. 


Find the right course and video for you here.


Tafe NSW - The leading provider of vocational education and training in Australia. TAFE NSW provides an extensive range of courses and qualifications to suit everyone from school leavers to career changers and businesses.


There are a wide range of short-courses like cookery skills, barista skills, cocktail making, and hospitality essentials. Alternatively, if you’re a business looking to get one step ahead of your competition, TAFE Enterprise is Australia’s largest training provider for current employees. They offer RSA, liquor licensee, food handling, restaurant butchery, basic barista skills and responsible conduct of gambling courses. 


Find out more here.


If you’re based in Victoria, TAFE courses are currently run through the likes of Kangan Institute Victoria, Melbourne Polytechnic, and Swinburne. 


To find the right nationally accredited TAFE program to you, search your state government website. 


While networking and training courses are some of the best forms of upskilling, you can also look to some subject-matter experts in your company. Shadowing them for a few weeks will give you real-world experience and advice that can sometimes be hard to pick up in an online or classroom setting. 

Good luck!