Simple ways to find staff for your business

Simple ways to find staff for your business

As a hospitality business owner or manager, you understand the importance of good staff to create an exceptional customer experience. However, finding those staff that are a great fit for your business is a challenge. With the right strategy and knowledge, it's possible to build a strong team that will contribute positively to your company's growth. In this blog post we'll discuss simple ways to find great staff for your hospitality business.


At Locimo, we’re all about elevating the way your business looks to staff. We connect leading businesses with 


Follow these steps and you’ll have yourself an incredible new employee in no time at all.


Create a Locimo Company Profile


Every business that joins the Locimo platform is given a Business Profile, your own landing page that allows you to share your business's story, which includes information that is unique to the hospitality industry, such as location, cuisine type, restaurant awards, details of the head chef and the perks of working for your establishment.


Updating your page is simple and it will remain on the website even if you don’t have any current job listings. Job seekers can easily follow your business to receive notifications of any new job listings.


For more tips on how to create an engaging brand page, read our blog here


Create an accurate job listing


The best way to find the right candidate for your role is to be upfront about the position, experience required, working hours, and anything else that is a must-know about the role.


Be sure to include:


  • A quick and easy job title
  • Location of the position
  • Employment type; full-time, part-time, casual 
  • The job description - The more detail you can give here, the better chance of attracting the right employee. 
  • Experience Required - Let candidates know what experience/training is provided


By following these steps, you’ll help eliminate candidates who don’t match your criteria before your search has even begun!


Post your job through the Locimo dashboard


It's easy to create and share job advertisements on Locimo. The best part is that each listing is saved and can be used for future job ads, or updated for different positions down the track. 


You can post jobs easily by:


  • Heading to your Locimo dashboard;
  • Going to the ‘Job Listings’ tab;
  • Pressing ‘Post a New Job Listing’;
  • Follow the prompts and your job listing will be live to our audience in no time!


Share on socials


Amplify your role through social media. Once your job description is up on the Locimo platform, simply share the link to your social audience and they can quickly and easily apply through the platform.


Say no to paper resumés


As a retail or hospitality owner, a lot of the time hiring means applicants walking in-store with paper CVs and dropping them behind the counter. Having to read through a stack of resumes can be an arduous task. With Locimo, there is no need to ever see a paper resume again. All applications will come directly into your dashboard where you can sort, chat, and organise interviews.


Be prepared for the interview


Once you’ve chosen your shortlist of applicants, you’ll be gearing up for face-to-face interviews. Both your time and your candidate’s time are valuable, so ensure you come prepared with a list of questions you want to know.


Make sure you’re up-to-date on your HR policies around what you can and can’t ask during interviews.


For information on behavioural interview techniques, you could use in your next interview, check out our blog here.


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