How To: Upskill in Retail

How To: Upskill in Retail

Courses & training available to kick-start & enhance your career in retail 


The retail industry offers golden career opportunities for just about anyone; from the first-timer starting out in high school, to the mum or dad working part-time while raising a family, and the seasoned professional looking to climb up the retail ladder.


Whether you’re beginning your career or at the peak, skills learnt while working in retail are highly transferable and help shape you to be the best professional possible. 


If you’re an employer or employee looking to learn and be challenged, upskilling and training within the retail industry is incredibly beneficial. Motivated, highly-skilled and well-trained staff lead to improved performance, reduced employee turnover, increased sales and career growth.


So, what does training look like in retail? 


Team building activities:

A powerful technique that allows a retail team to work in harmony. Inter-team socialisation is known to improve communication and increase motivation. This can be in the form of appealing to people’s competitive streaks by setting up teams and having them role play scenarios, creating merch display contests or setting up ‘minefields’.


Job shadowing:

Instead of having a team member supervise a new employee (which can be daunting in itself), shadowing is a great technique that allows them to follow experienced team members around as they go about their duties. Not only will they learn quickly how to do the tasks at hand, but they can adopt the best skills from different staff members and learn how to handle situations from a variety of people. 

Tech training:

It’s 2021 after all. Staff should be able to provide information about products and also have access to omnichannel services while serving customers. While making a sale, technology can also allow us the flexibility to arrange delivery, find products from nearby stores, and establish a reputation for frictionless customer experiences all at the same time. Becoming a pro in retail technology will not only make your job easier, but it will help you provide a better service to your customers.


Audiovisual training:

People have different styles of learning. While some prefer practical hands-on experiences, others prefer watching and listening. Audiovisual training can come in the form of videos, slideshows, online courses, powerpoints or podcasts


Where can I upskill? 


Upskilling opportunities can be found in a number of formats. If you’re looking to learn new skills that will enhance your career in retail, we’ve provided a list of some of the best organisations in Australia that offer retail courses, training and workshop events. 


Upskilled – Offers a range of online courses that are flexible, affordable and self-paced, including Nationally Recognised Training. From retail service, retail operations right through to management, Upskilled’s offering provides something for everyone.


Browse Upskilled’s retail courses here.


Retail Institute – If you’re looking for a career in retail or want to learn more about the industry you’re in, ARA offers accredited courses (certificate & diploma qualifications), and workshops & masterclasses (providing you with the tools needed to embrace innovation, digital markets & retail excellence).


Find out more here.


National Careers Institute: My Skills –  An Australian Government initiative that ensures training consumers have access to current, straightforward, independent and trustworthy Information to help them make choices about their training options. The site lists online training providers and different courses in retail leadership, management, merchandise and services available in Australia. 


Search for your options here.


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