How to nail an interview

How to nail an interview

Michelle Lam, successful female empowerment coach and CEO of Glow Life Coaching, has created this article outlining 6 confidence tips to nail your job interview as part of our Locimo Expert series.

So, you’ve got a job interview coming up but you’re counting down the days with dread, I hear you and understand you. Allow me to help you prepare for your big day and guide you to success. First and foremost, good news! Your skill set is aligned with what they are looking for, otherwise they wouldn’t have invited you in for an interview. So, take a deep breath and let’s get you ready to secure that job!

Confidence. Is. Key. Think of a confident person that you admire. Picture in your head how they act, walk and talk. Now, EMBODY that person. Everyone has that lion’s courage inside of them, it just needs a little encouragement to reveal itself. There’s a few things you can do to increase your confidence and better prepare yourself for your interview day. These 5 tips will help you become more self-assured during your interview and secure the job that you desire.

  1. Be prepared: Preparation reduces anxiety and fear of the unknown. If you prepare for the unexpected, then any surprises that come up will leave you unfazed. Preparation can include thinking of your interviewer’s potential questions and your answers to them. Common questions that arise during job interviews are “What are your skills?” “What is your greatest weakness?” and “How do you handle stressful situations?” By preparing your answers in advance, you’ll be at ease when it comes to the interview day. Write down any other questions that you can think of and practice saying your answers out loud. I know this can be awkward but rest assured that it’s going to aid confidence for the real deal. Another preparation example is researching the company. If you haven’t already, do some research into the company you’ve applied for so you know a little bit about them; just in case they ask you “Why do you want to work here?” Also, KNOW who you’re meeting and remember their name, so when you arrive you can introduce yourself to front desk and inform them who you are there to meet. Last preparation tip, Google maps the building/ location in advance to see how long it will take to get there and arrive 10-15 minutes early. Allow enough time for you to find a car park, go to the bathroom and any other unexpected encounters.

  2. Set the mood for the day: On the morning of your interview, listen to your favourite songs to put you in a positive mood. You want to be energised and happy.  Avoid doing activities that may cause you stress prior to your meeting. Do your best to stay calm and level headed. Just in case you bump into someone from the company in the car park or elevator, you don’t want to be all flustered or grumpy. If you’ve got self-doubts or any negative thoughts, repeat these positive affirmations aloud a few times before your interview date: “I am ready!” “I am exceptional at interviews!” “I am their ideal employee!” “I radiate confidence!”

  3. Dress the part: If you’re applying for an office job, please don’t go in wearing sweat pants and an old t-shirt. Wear what you would wear, if you were already working there. When your interviewer sees you dressed in the appropriate attire, it helps them visualise you fitting into their company. Don’t forget the small details- good hygiene, lint-roll your clothes to ensure there’s no animal fur or fluff, light perfume/ cologne (if wearing, avoid overpowering scents). Overall you want to look professional, polished and clean.

  4. Confident body language: A tip for confident body language is simply introducing yourself FIRST. When your interviewer comes out to collect you, introduce yourself proudly and offer a hand shake. Having a strong handshake is appreciated in the business industry, your grip should be firm but not bone crushing. Good posture instantly increases your confidence, so before you enter the meeting area, take a moment to roll your shoulders back and down and take a deep breath to relax yourself. When you’re feeling stressed or anxious, taking few long breaths helps ease tension and slows your heart rate down- focus on your inhalations and exhalations. Walk into this interview with positive thoughts, take control of those negative voices in the back of your mind, instead of allowing them to lead the interview. Last but not least, don’t forget to smile.

  5. Be engaged: During the interview, maintain eye contact when the interviewer is speaking and vice versa. Always be respectful and polite. In general, look interested in the conversation and look happy to be there. Do your best to remember the name of your interviewer/s (if changed from beginning) so you can thank them at the end of the interview. This shows them that you’ve been paying attention. If you’re still feeling nervous during the interview, fake it till you make it! ACT confident. As the interview progresses you will relax into the situation and become more comfortable. Don’t forget to be yourself and show who you are. After all, you are who they are hiring! Now it’s time to put all your preparation from step 1 into action.

  6. Finishing touches: Once the interview has come to an end, thank them (address them by their name) for their time and mention that you look forward to hearing from them. Walk out smiling with your head held high and wait for your phone to ring! If you haven’t heard from them in a couple of days, you can send a courtesy email expressing your thanks once again. Mention how great it was to meet them and that you look forward to their response.

    I hope these tips resonated with you and help you on your interview day. Interviews generally go for 15- 20 minutes, easy-peasy right? You know you’ve got this! (Psst, don’t forget to put your phone on silent before you head into the building)

Author Bio: Michelle is a successful female empowerment coach. As the CEO of Glow Life Coaching, she helps young women all around the globe to shift their negative mindset, so they can be confident, develop strong mental health and move from fear to action. For more information about how she can help you regain your power to feel confident moving forward in life, visit