How to create a visual CV

How to create a visual CV

Are you a job seeker wanting to stand out from the crowd and land your dream job? Creating a visual CV allows you to communicate in a new way and connect with potential employers on an entirely different level. We’ll show you how to create the ultimate visual CV through Locimo.

At Locimo, we believe that times have changed and so too should the resumé. We’re saying goodbye to repetitive cover letters and hello to engaging visuals that allow you to creatively express yourself and make a lasting impression.

Give the brands you love a glimpse into your world with these easy steps.

An online resumé with a big impact

Expression is everything. When you’re creating a visual CV, start off by thinking about the types of images that represent who you are and what you like. You can choose to add images to your Locimo profile from your social media accounts, or you can curate a mood board using online image galleries.

If you’re wanting to find pictures online, some of our favourite free image websites are Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels. Just click on the pictures you want and download them to your desktop so they’re ready to upload to Locimo!

We've listed some questions below to help guide your search.

  • What are your favourite hobbies?
  • What do you like doing on the weekend?
  • What locations reflect you?
  • What are your future aspirations?
  • What colours do you like?

Download as many images as you like and then jump online and start creating your visual CV.

First, it's time to sell yourself

  • Head to 'Create your Visual CV' on the Locimo homepage to create your free online resumé;
  • Check out our range of example pages to find inspiration;
  • Now it’s your turn to create! Start your online profile by connecting through your Facebook page or by entering your email address;
  • Follow the prompts and input your career highlights and skills into our easy-to-use profile builder. Remember to put as much information as possible in this section, you can include everything about past jobs, volunteer roles, skills you’ve acquired at school or work, etc.

Forget the cover letter, let’s get visual

After you’ve filled out all the important details about yourself, you get to move on to the fun part - creating your visual CV.

Start by uploading the photos you chose earlier. Play around with the positioning until you’re happy with the look. If you have spare space to fill, find images of colour blocks or patterns to break up your profile.

And ta-da, just like that, your visual CV is done!

Now you can start looking at, and applying for, jobs with your favourite brands.

Through our browse brands page, you can look at job listings for local and national retail and hospitality businesses. If you want to find roles close to your home, use our interactive map to see what’s close by.

Don’t forget that you can ‘follow’ your favourite brands too. Simply press the love heart icon on the brand page to be the first to know about any new positions they have.

If you get stuck or have any questions for the Locimo team, get in touch with us here.