Four Easy Ways to Beat the Stress of the Silly Season

Four Easy Ways to Beat the Stress of the Silly Season

Four Easy Ways to Beat the Stress of the Silly Season

Bronwen Sciortino, Simplicity Expert, Professional Speaker and internationally renowned author, has created this article as part of our Locimo Experts series.

Every year we blink and the silly season is upon us. It arrives in a rush – almost like we looked away for a second and 11 months flew straight by.

The season brings with it unseen stressors that we’ve adopted as normal along the way. Time seems to speed up; there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day and suddenly we’re on holidays and forced into family gatherings en masse. And then there are the added stressors that are unique to each year – like the pandemic that hit out of nowhere and seems to want to hang around.

The structure and makeup of families has changed and comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but somehow the age-old traditions for what the holidays ‘should’ be about – and how perfect they have to be – takes over.

We sing carols with words such as “‘tis the season to be jolly” but the reality is that we’re already tired after a long year … and the carols aren’t enough to take away the energy drain that comes with the added pressure of the season.

So, what can you do to help beat the stress of the season?

Here are four things that can make the season a little bit easier to navigate:

1.          Take the ‘silly’ out of the season.

  • Just because it’s called the ‘silly season’ doesn’t mean it has to be silly. Get really selective with the events you want to attend, and then dip in and out of them as you need to. Leave early, eat well (where you can) and spend time with the people that make you laugh and give you energy.
  • Create time for yourself by putting off some catch-ups until the new year, so you can fully enjoy the time you spend with the people you love, instead of cramming it all into a small amount of time.

2.         Be aware of the time pressure that can add stress into an already overloaded time of the year.

  • You might work in a job that is extra busy at this time of the year, or you might feel extra pressure to get particular projects or work completed before leaving for a break. Acknowledge that this is a reality for a short period of time and plan in advance to make sure you have things that can help you keep the overwhelm at bay and food pre-prepared to help keep you nourished.

3.         Let go of perfectionism and aim for simplicity.

  • A lot of the pressure of the season comes from wanting everything to be perfect. Often this means that things get out of hand and way too complicated.
  • Instead, ask yourself the question “How can I make this as simple as possible?” and then step into the simplicity of the season.

4.         Take good care of yourself and plan lots of self-care activities.

  • This time of the year is busier than normal so it’s super important to have quick, easy and nourishing options on hand to make sure you eat well. It’s also super important to get enough sleep.
  • Beating the stress of the season can come down to making sure you’re re-fuelling your energy tanks constantly during this time. Make sure you schedule in time for exercise (it doesn’t have to take lots of time, but it is important) and great food so that you aren’t completely drained when your holiday comes along.

These simple and easy tips will make it easier for you to arrive at your time off in a way that will help you to relax, recharge and renew in preparation for the new year to come.

Doing things differently doesn’t have to be hard or take a lot of extra effort. It does involve taking a few moments to think about how you can do things a little bit differently so you can experience your life in a simpler, more connected way.

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Author Bio: Bronwen Sciortino is a Simplicity Expert, Professional Speaker and an internationally renowned author. You can follow her at her website and LinkedIn.