Five tips to update your CV

Five tips to update your CV

At Locimo, we give you a chance to tell your story in a new way through our visual CVs. Your visual CV allows you to express your personality while highlighting your education, training, and career achievements. 


Once you’ve created a visual CV online, you can apply for jobs directly through the Locimo platform, or you can download your resume as a PDF document that you can email to prospective employees or take to interviews with you.


Updating your CV


Your online CV should not be a ‘set and forget’ project, updating your CV twice yearly, or as your circumstances change, will show you in the best light to your potential future employer! Updating your resume doesn’t need to be hard or time-consuming, follow these five easy steps to get started.


Update Your Skills


Even if you’re currently in the same job, or perhaps are studying and are looking for work, you’ve no doubt collected new skills over the past six months. Make sure your CV is up-to-date with a full list of your skills. 


What transferable skills do you have? You might be a great team player, an effective communicator, or have time management down pat - these are all skills that you can list on your resume.


On the other hand, what practical skills have you learnt over the past six months? Has your job at a cafe taught you how to make coffees? Perhaps you’ve learnt cash handling skills from your retail role? All of these skills are important to tell your next employer about, so make sure you’re including everything that is relevant.


Update Your Visuals


Your visual CV allows you to express your personality through a visual moodboard. These images can be updated and changed at any time to ensure it’s a true reflection of you. Are you a nature lover who loves adventures? You can portray this by creating a moodboard of nature imagery.


Use free online imagery platforms like Unsplash, Pixels, and Pixabay to find the images that resonate with you and upload them easily through our free online CV builder.


Refresh Contact Information


If you make any changes to your email or phone number, make sure these are updated on your CV so employers can contact you if needed.


Through the Locimo platform, potential employers can connect with you directly on the website, however, if you’re printing off your visual CV,  these contact details are even more important. 


Even if you haven’t recently changed your number or email, it’s always a good idea to check over this information to ensure there are no spelling errors or mistakes. 


Update Your Jobs & Training


It’s important to always be learning, upskilling, and keeping your current positions updated on your CV. If you’re currently studying or doing online learning, be sure to update this information to show what you’ve completed so far.


From a job perspective, you should list each of your employees and highlight all of the key responsibilities and roles you held within that company. 


Just like when listing your skills, think hard about your job responsibilities and highlight as much as possible to show your future employer how great you really are! Were you responsible for ordering stock? Locking up the shop each night? Doing stocktake? All of these responsibilities are important for your future employer to know about.


Be Yourself


And lastly, ensure that your resume is a true reflection of you, your training, experience, and skills. Everyone starts their job journey at different stages and having more or less experience isn’t an indication of whether or not you’ll get a role. 


You should never lie on your resume, instead, let your future employee know where you want to be in the future, how you’re working to get there, and what current skills you have that align with that position.


For more information on creating your visual CV, click here. To start applying for jobs in your local area, visit our jobs page.

Good luck!