Finding work as a Christmas Casual

Finding work as a Christmas Casual

Finding work as a Christmas Casual


With summer coming up and the festive season getting closer, you might be on the hunt for a Christmas casual role near you. Many businesses ramp up their hiring efforts in the lead-up to the silly season so they can have all hands on deck for their busiest months. If you’re looking for Christmas casual roles in your local area, this blog will help you explore the best way to find them!


What is a Christmas Casual?


The term Christmas Casual refers to staff hired to help for a set period of time over the busiest months of the year. Often, you will be hired for a specific time period on a casual basis. This work is often related to the retail and hospitality sectors that see a surge in consumer traffic over this time. For many workers, Christmas casual roles provide an invaluable stepping stone into further positions within a company and can help bolster experience for your resumé.


If you already have a casual or part-time role, Christmas casual positions can also be an additional way to supplement your income.


How to find work as a Christmas Casual


There are a number of ways to find Christmas casual roles in your local area. First, we’d advise you to look at an online job board to see what companies are hiring. 


You can view all the latest jobs on Locimo by following the below steps:


  • Head to the ‘Find a Job’ tab on our homepage;
  • Click on the jobs available to find out more about the role and the company you’re applying to work for;
  • Apply by creating your free online Locimo CV!


If you want to work for a particular business, but you can’t see any available jobs from them, “follow” their Company Profile to be the first to know about new job opportunities. At this time of year, new jobs are updated frequently, so by signing up to receive notifications, you’ll have an increased chance of being seen by employers.


To follow a business on Locimo, simply:


  • Head to the ‘Browse Brands’ tab on our homepage;
  • Search through the range of businesses and click on their Company Profiles to find out more about them;
  • If there’s a business you’d like to “follow”, simply tap the love heart icon in the top right corner of their profile picture.


Heading in-store to find Christmas Casual roles


If you’ve applied for a range of roles online, you might be wondering what else you can do while you wait to hear back from employers. Heading around your local area is a great way to also hunt for new job roles. Many smaller retailers and hospitality outlets will hire simply by having signs in their windows. 


To apply for a role in-store, you can:


  • Create your free online CV through Locimo;
  • Head to our blog to find out what to include on your resumé;
  • Download your CV as a PDF and print it off;
  • Walk through your local neighbourhood and look out for any ‘hiring’ signs. Or, if there’s a particular business you’d like to work for, walk in and ask if the manager is available for a quick chat!


Christmas casual roles can lead to full-time or ongoing jobs for those who excel in their positions. It’s an exciting and fast-paced time to be in the retail and hospitality industries, whether you’re in a bricks & mortar store, in a digital role helping with customer service, or all-hands-on-deck in a dispatch department.


If you’ve applied for your dream job and landed an interview, check out our top tips here to navigate your interview successfully.


Find jobs in your local area here.


Good luck!