5 tips to build confidence within your team

5 tips to build confidence within your team

Paulette McCormack, Founder and Owner of Fresh HR Insights has created this article as part of our Locimo Experts series tailored for business owners.


As an entrepreneur, bringing out the best in your team is crucial for success. Building a great team will not help unless the teamwork brings expected and significant results. If you can help individuals become aware of how their strengths can contribute to fantastic team outcomes, the rewards can be immense. 


Increased employee engagement, rising team productivity, and improved company profitability can benefit your company. So, how can you boost employee confidence that elevates their team work to get results? In this blog, I share my five best tips on building confidence at work and set up your workplace for success.


1. Help develop individual competencies


Building competencies help to build confidence. If people feel that they're learning new competencies and getting better at existing ones, their confidence level will rise quickly. Support them in learning new skill sets to contribute more within their teams. To do this, you can allow them to work on a pet project they have or give them access to courses, training, and relevant webinars. 


2. Delegate Smartly


The easiest way to build your team's confidence in themselves is to delegate a specific task they've previously shown interest in. Stay on the fringes for support if they need it but let them independently handle the new responsibilities. Do make sure that the person is ready for the increased responsibility before you delegate. You could even break up the big task into small workable chunks and help them conquer it in a step-by-step. 


3. Let people excel using their strengths


When a person does well in their area of expertise, their self-confidence is bound to rise. As an entrepreneur, let a team member handle what they're good at. When they get a chance to put their skills into action and showcase mastery, their self-esteem and confidence will rise. Before you do this, identify what each team member is good at and then assign an appropriate task to them.


4. Be there for support


Showing up makes a huge difference to a person's confidence levels. Even if you don't directly contribute to a team, just being present physically or emotionally can work wonders.

Show your support by being available and having regular one-on-one sessions with your team. Lending them an ear and listening to their concerns shows that they're valued in the team. Be generous with praise and have regular virtual appreciation sessions to congratulate a team member for a job well done.


5. Keep experimenting and embrace failure


Mistakes only happen to those who are ready to experiment. Have an open mind and encourage your team to experiment at work. Let people know that it's okay to make mistakes but not the same ones. Removing the stigma of failure helps your team feel safe, and they are empowered to work with an open and welcoming mindset. They are likely to quit worrying and thinking constantly about their work. Instead, they will focus their time and attention on contributing to the project at hand to achieve team and organizational outcomes.


Get Ready to Build Confidence at the Workplace


Are you ready to use these simple but easy-to-implement confidence-boosting tips? Show appreciation regularly, keep an open mind, and build your employees' competencies to help them deliver fantastic personal, team, and organizational outcomes.



Paulette McCormack is the Founder and Owner of Fresh HR Insights. Paulette is a professional Human Resource Specialist with well over a decade of experience both nationally and internationally. Find out more about the work Paulette and Fresh HR Insights do here.